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The Patriots organization puts a large emphasis on development of our players on a consistent basis. A few of our focal points of training include:

1. Mechanics: With a solid foundation of mechanics this gives us the opportunity to build a player up and focus on more detail and skilled portions of development.

2. Mentality/Mental Preparation: In order to build top notch athletes we have to approach training and preparation with mental toughness, ability to overcome adversity, and competitive nature.

3. Velocity: Throwing and exit velocity are crucial for young athletes to get noticed by college coaches and to move onto the next level of play. With our strong foundation of mechanics and utilization of technology (Rapsodo equipment) we are able to develop velocity at all ages through our training programs while teaching proper care for the arm and body.

4. Strength/Speed: Both of these skills build a foundation to further player development and assist athletes on the field to carry them to the next level.

5. Passion: We play baseball because we love the game and want to the best player/teammate we can be. 

Training: Upcoming Events

"The difference between the possible and the impossible lies in a person's determination."

Tommy Lasorda

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